Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ihutilinanga - A Dish from Gorontalo

This morning hubby browsed through our Yasaboga recipe book and pointed one specific dish: Ihutilinanga. Never tried this before, but eggplant has always been our favorite.

I browsed the internet and found that this dish is a specialty of Gorontalo. The main ingredients are eggplant (of course), coconut milk and chilly. The taste is somewhere between balado and scramble egg. Very greasy, yet sinfully yummy. Oh my my....

Since the eggplant will become tender, you can easily strip the meat from the skin and hide it in the egg. The kids won't even notice :)  Our professional tester, Naomi, tasted this and decided that she loved it :)) (st)

:: Original recipe by Yasaboga ::

4 each  Eggplant (terong), diagonally sliced about 2-3 cm
2 each  Tomatoes (tomat), cut in small cubes
2 each  Eggs (telur), whisk lightly
4 each  Red cayenne peppers (cabe keriting), sliced thin
6 each  Peeled Shallots (bawang merah kupas), sliced thin
200 ml  Thick coconut milk (santan kental) -- substitute: Kara 4 tbs + plain water until 200 ml
Cooking oil (minyak goreng)
1 tsp  Salt
1 tsp  Sugar
1 cube  Chicken bouillon (kaldu bubuk)

3 each  Bird's eye chillies (cabe rawit)
1-2 each  Red cayenne peppers (cabe keriting) 

(1) Deep fry eggplants until golden brown. Put them on kitchen towel to reduce the amount of oil. Then, transfer them to a plate.
(2) Heat 3 tbs of cooking oil, toast shallots and sliced chillies until fragrant (be prepared, the hot steam and smell may make you cry!).
(3) Add ground chillies, tomatoes, salt, sugar and chicken bouillon. Stir well.
(4) Add eggs, wait until it has thicken, that add coconut milk. Wait until boiled.
(5) Pour on the eggplants.

Cara Membuat (in Bahasa):
(1) Goreng terong hingga matang. Taruh di atas tissue (atau serok) supaya minyaknya turun. Pindahkan / tata di atas piring datar.
(2) Panaskan 3 sdm minyak goreng, tumis bawang merah dan cabe iris sampai harum & layu (awas, uapnya bisa membuat air mata bercucuran!)
(3) Masukkan cabe giling, tomat, garam, gula dan kaldu bubuk. Aduk2.
(4) Masukkan telur, biarkan mengental, masukkan santan. Biarkan mendidih.
(5) Tuang telur ke atas terong yang sudah disusun. Siap dihidangkan.

Paiton, 13 November 2010


Indonesia Eats said...

Thanks for tagging me on FB. It's very similar to Eggplant Balado, eh. But no coconut milk in balado.

Shirley said...

Mbak Pepy,
I opened your Indonesia-Eats to get reference for the English names of some ingredients. Thanks a lot.
Yes, it is something between balado and scrambled egg, plus coconut milk.

Unknown said...

Mau coba aaaahhh!!!

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